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The Ugly Jamesons Have Arrived ~ Celtic Rock Style!


Expanding the definition of “Celtic” the band uses the unconventional pairing of flame throwing, bow hair splitting, rosin clouding fiddle with the wail and crunch of electric guitar and bass.  They are fortunate to have multi instrumentalists in the band and use this to their advantage to create some brilliant arrangements of traditional tunes. 

The band is influenced by and often covers such Celtic Rock style bands as Flogging Molly, Enter The Haggis, Dropkick Murphy’s, Seven Nations, Young Dubliners and The Pogues to name a few. 

The Ugly Jamesons are most known for their live shows, their energy is off the hook and their audience is soon fully immersed in the chemistry and sway of the band; the music dares you to stand still.  The band is uproarious, tuneful, stimulating and above all entertaining.  Their live shows are filled with an infectious energy; even die-hard fans of purely traditional Celtic music have embraced the band’s genre-bending sound.

The Ugly Jamesons have toured in the Southeast and have been chosen to perform with  the Celtic Rock powerhouse “Albannach”, “Rathkeltair”, “Enter The Haggis”, “My 3 Kilts” and the nationally renowned mainstream groups “Less Than Jake” and “Not Tonight Josephine”.   

From the ‘amped’ up traditional favorites of Ireland and Scotland to ‘Celtified’ rock tunes to The Ugly Jamesons’  own originals, this band’s energy is highly infectious, and their enthusiasm and passion for their music will leave an indelible mark.

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